Something Autobiographical
by Ruth Nineke

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My earliest memory is trying to see how far down my throat I could get my fingers. I gagged a bunch. I want to believe i was at Aunty Mavis’ because I was with other kids – my family – and I was reminded in adulthood that she made her living in childcare. The most important thing I’ve learned about myself from this memory is that I always had a strong gag reflex. Second, I realize now that in addition to my naturally enduring curiosity I have also always been hard headed, thick headed, determined, stubborn, and a lil bit masochistic. These self-evident truths of my identity would continue to repeat themselves in varying forms throughout my life. Many would leave me teary-eyed as did my unrelenting teeny tiny fingers down and against my unaccommodating throat

Choking on my own inability to know when to stop.




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